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Casa D'Acero

Cozy Sweater Earrings CDABIJCOZ020

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Polymer clay earrings "blush pink" and  "little marshmallows" colour, textured finish, marquises shaped, mounted on a 14k rose gold filled 4 mm ball earring.

Length : 35 mm.

Given the pieces are handmade, slight variations in pattern, texture, colour and dimensions are possible. This is what makes each of our jewels unique!

Cozy sweater is your favorite knit with a delicious hot beverage and some freshly baked cookies. Sitting by the fireplace while watching the snow falling outside. It’s as soothing as a warm candlelit bath.

The color palette is inspired by mother-of-pearl, the warmth of a latte and the fluff of a strawberry marshmallow! 

Made of light beiges, pinks and blush, it is intended to be comforting and soothing.

Each jewel comes in its own box so you can protect it from direct sunlight and dust, helping you maintain its beauty for years to come! The boxes are made of recycled cardboard.