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Casa D'Acero

Soyah Candle - Winter Day - Thematic Snowflake

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Soya candle, fragrance winter day. Winter day, it's a soft blend of cranberry and peppermint. This fragrance is part of our Snowflake theme. Unique piece!!! Snowflake is the joys and pleasures of winter. The laughs laughter by sneaking slopes or sleigh! The wonder of the first big bordered snow, frost in the glasses! It's reconnecting with his child's heart! For us, at Casa d'Acero, it is important that the ankle boots follow the babines! Create products in accordance with our values ​​was not only a priority, but a duty! When we had the superb idea of ​​flowing our candles in vintage glassware, it was a concrete way for us to demonstrate our commitment to these values. Give a second life to these objects, invaloring them in this way while creating something new, it's the best of both worlds! Many of you will recognize some glasses, bowls, bonbons or other containers that belonged to your parents or grandparents! Now you can appreciate the heat, the light, and the perfume of your favorite candle while honoring the memory of these unforgettable memories! Finally, the beauty of our candles also lies in the fact that once burned, the containers will be able to start a third life in your home, or in that of a person dear to your heart! At Casa d'Acero, we make a point of honor to be the most transparent and honest possible with our clientele! The objects we denied as containers for our candles are rare, sometimes unique and date from the 1930s to 1980. So, despite all our efforts to find the most beautiful containers, given the age of these, some imperfections are inevitable. Thus, do not be surprised if some containers carry normal wear brands, slight scratches, or mini splinters. It's part of the charm of having vintage pieces! In addition, all our candles are made of 100% organic soybean wax. They are all running by hand, here in Quebec! Our locks are made of fully natural and undlenished paper fibers. The result is a stronger wick because of the braiding. Also, the fragrances used in our candles are vegan. Our packaging are completely recyclable, and the small peanuts (in fact, it's called wedding balls in good French) are made of cornstarch and are biodegradable in the water. Casa d'Acero is embellishing your life with shaped, revalued objects, and developed here in Quebec!